We Don’t Collect Personal Information

We Don't Collect Personal Information

Toto Ventures Inc. chooses the privacy of our clients and customers badly. We realize that privacy is a significant issue, so we design and operate our services. This Privacy Policy describes what sort of information we gather, utilize, and also the safety of your data with regard to our services. By utilizing our services, you agree to the privacy policy. Our purpose in collecting information is to give you a smooth, secure, efficient, and personalized experience. No Personal Information is collected by us . Personal Information includes societal numbers, real address, the name , email address and location details.

Toto Ventures Inc. is worried about protecting the confidentiality of your data. We don’t collect private information, and we use administrative, electronic and physical measures developed to secure your Information. Please bear in mind that no security steps we take to secure your data is certain to prevent unauthorized use or access of your Information or has been impenetrable. We collaborate with authorities and law enforcement officers to apply and obey the law. If we opt to alter this coverage that is personal, we will supply you additional kinds of notice of upgrades or modifications as applicable.

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